Of Dogs and Men

escreamer - July 20, 2015

Adopting a rescue dog turned out to be more arduous a process than I’d anticipated. I started by surfing the net for local groups and almost immediately discovered Second Chance Rescue, a non-profit dedicated to finding “forever” homes for animals that have been abandoned. Lulu-Belle (then “Arabella”) turned up not far behind. Second Chance dogs were listed alphabetically. It helped that her name began with …

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Blind Dog

escreamer - July 16, 2015

Let me get this out of the way: my rescue puppy Lulu‐Belle is not completely blind. It turns out that her left eye can detect light. Dr. Jay Harrington, a veterinary ophthalmologist practicing in Brooklyn, confirmed this after a thorough examination. But I adopted Lulu‐Belle believing that she was totally blind. “Blind Dog” was the only description beside the photo of the cute but forlorn …

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