September 2015

Quiche La Poodle

escreamer - September 26, 2015

She’s a sweet, sweet, sweet PUPPY! –“Quick Lorraine,” The B-52’s My veterinarian friend Jon arranged for Lulu-Belle to be seen by the highly sought Dr. Danielle James in South Beach the morning after my triathlon. I couldn’t have gotten her to a veterinary dermatologist any sooner even had I stayed in Manhattan. They’re in crazy demand here, too, it turns out. So I would be …

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escreamer - September 7, 2015

Lulu-Belle’s mouth was so destroyed; it really did look as though a large dog had taken a bite out of the side of her face. A mouthful of flesh was gone. At one point Dr. Fiorenza theorized that she had been electrocuted. When Lulu-Belle was first hospitalized she called to quiz me to determine if this might possibly be the case. Dr. Fiorenza thought that …

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